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Light Duty Drive Axle

1. A-Series Light Duty Axle

Front and rear wheel hub bearing unit assembly features a maintenance-free spin riveting structure.

2. E-Series Light Duty Axle

The EDA electric drive axle integrates the driving motor and reduction mechanism on the same shaft by means of direct connection method. It employs NW type planetary gear as the reduction mechanism. This is a pure electric drive axle with industry leading structure.

3. H-Series Light Duty Axle

The axle comes with an integral shell structure. It is constructed from a complete steel plate in stamping process. This state of the art structure ensures strong loading capacity.

4. N-Series Light Duty Axle

Integral axle shell, leaf spring structure, semi-floating axle shaft, drum brake;
Applicable vehicles: Off-road, SUV, Pickup

5. V-Series Light Duty Axle

Stamping and welding shell; Five-link spiral spring rear axle

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