Medium, Heavy Duty Axle, 6.5T Series

Structural Features
1. SG's 6.5t series medium and heavy duty axles is characterized by reasonable structure that ensures light weight and easy maintenance.
2. ABS can be equipped on this important vehicle component for better braking effect during low speed driving.
3. Drum brake on the drive axle comes with asbestos-free friction plate.
4. It can also be fitted with China-made or imported disc brake.

Applicable Vehicle
10-12m Bus

Main Technical Parameters
Rated load 6500
Master pin center distance 1848mm
Front axle shaft fall 105+37mm
Max. turning angle Inward: 47° outward: 36°
Wheel span 2377mm

Related names
Passenger bus parts | Bus axle shaft | Truck front and rear axle

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