Medium, Heavy Duty Axle, 8T Series

Structural Features
1. The 8T series axle from SG is designed 7-8.5m school bus or city bus. It comes with large loading capacity while providing light weight.
2. It adopts a drum brake. Brake clearance is adjusted manually or automatically.
3. The split axle can be equipped with an anti-skid brake system (ABS) for excellent braking effect.
4. This vehicle drive shaft can fit well with an aluminum steel wheel hub.

Applicable Vehicle
7-8.5m School bus, city bus

Main Technical Parameters
Rated load 8000kg
Wheel span 1800mm
Max. output torque 18000N.m
Speed ratio 4.11, 4.44, 4.875, 5.286, 5.857

Related names
8.5m bus shaft | Urban bus drive axle | Truck axle | Transit bus axle

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