Heavy Duty Axle, 13T Series

Structural Features
1. Our 13T series heavy duty axle is proud of a design that can totally meet the requirements of buses for low noise, high load and large torque.
2. Spindle head of axle shell is welded by friction welding method which improves welding quality and enhances production efficiency.
3. Precisely machined gears are used on the drive system components so that noise is obviously reduced to meet the accepted noise level of public transport vehicle.
4. Drum brake and disc brake are optional for the vehicle axle.
5. Wheel hub bearing can be equipped with up to date bearing units to improve product quality and prolong axle's service life.

Applicable Vehicle
Over 12m city transit bus

Main Technical Parameters
Rated load 13000kg
Wheel span 1860mm
Max. output torque 16500 N.m
Speed ratio 3.909, 4.11, 4.875, 5.125, 6.143

Related names
Heavy vehicle components | Public bus drive axle | Express coach front and rear axle

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