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Medium, Heavy Duty Axle

In addition to a wide array of light duty drive axles, we are also proud to offer a wide selection of medium duty axles and heavy duty axles available for various buses applications. With various proprietary and special features for high longevity, improved reliability and quieter operation, these auto parts are exceptionally durable.

1. The 4.2T series vehicle axle adopts drum brake. Wheel bolts feature spherical coordinate location or SA location;
2. Brake clearance adjustment comes in manual or automatic methods;
3. China-made or imported anti-skid brake system (ABS) is optional;
4. Drum brake on the drive shaft employs asbestos-free friction plate.

1. SG's 6.5t series medium and heavy duty axles is characterized by reasonable structure that ensures light weight and easy maintenance.
2. ABS can be equipped on this important vehicle component for better braking effect during low speed driving.
3. Drum brake on the drive axle comes with asbestos-free friction plate.
4. It can also be fitted with China-made or imported disc brake.

1. The 7.5T Series axle from SG comes with a low integrally forged I-beam design, thus effectively reducing the floor height of bus.
2. It adopts air disc brake that ensures large and stable braking force.
3. The beam axle features large bearing capacity and long service life.

1. The 8T series axle from SG is designed 7-8.5m school bus or city bus. It comes with large loading capacity while providing light weight.
2. It adopts a drum brake. Brake clearance is adjusted manually or automatically.
3. The split axle can be equipped with an anti-skid brake system (ABS) for excellent braking effect.
4. This vehicle drive shaft can fit well with an aluminum steel wheel hub.

1. Reinforced design brings strong loading capacity, large output torque, wide speed ratio and low noise to this heavy duty drive axle.
2. The bus front and rear axle system is available in drum and disc braking methods. Drum brake is designed with asbestos free friction plate.

1. Our 13T series heavy duty axle is proud of a design that can totally meet the requirements of buses for low noise, high load and large torque.
2. Spindle head of axle shell is welded by friction welding method which improves welding quality and enhances production efficiency.
3. Precisely machined gears are used on the drive system components so that noise is obviously reduced to meet the accepted noise level of public transport vehicle.

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