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Axle and Components

As the industry leader in innovative axle and component technology, SG provides a full line of the most efficient suspension system, light duty axle, medium and heavy duty axle and axle parts available for various applications. Our suspension system line includes passenger car, light bus, SUV and pickup suspension series. Light duty axle line offers a series of drive axles for off-road car, pickup, light and mini, and light truck and other vehicles. Medium and heavy duty axle line covers 6-13T buses. Axle parts involve shells, driving and driven gears, steering knuckles, axle shaft, etc.

Till the end of October, 2014, we have gained 30 authorized patents for our axles and parts, including 12 invention patents and 18 utility model patents. Our front axle and rear axle products developed using these proprietary technologies have been widely used in automobile drivetrains. Due to high quality and low noise, they have won high recognition among customers.

The EDA electric drive axle integrates the driving motor and reduction mechanism on the same shaft by means of direct connection method. It employs NW type planetary gear as the reduction mechanism. This is a pure electric drive axle with industry leading structure.

Structure characteristics: front axle with independent suspension, double cross arm with unequal length, torsional spring

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