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DD6821EV 8m Electric Bus

This is our 8m electric bus which comes with a length of 8m and is fully powered by electricity. It is a green bus, delivering completely new possibilities and unprecedented advantages for any city's public transportation systems. Powered by new and clean energy, the passenger carrying vehicle will lead our city to a green future.

DD6821EV 8m Electric Bus
  • DD6821EV 8m Electric Bus
  • DD6821EV 8m Electric Bus
  • DD6821EV 8m Electric Bus
  • DD6821EV 8m Electric Bus
  • DD6821EV 8m Electric Bus
  • DD6821EV 8m Electric Bus
  • DD6821EV 8m Electric Bus

1. Integral Body Construction: The electric bus comes with the up to date closed loop type fully integral body construction. Compared with common passenger bus, it features higher strength, lighter weight and higher safety factor, providing larger carrying capacity and lower energy consumption.
2. Low Carbon: This pure electric bus ensures zero emission. Equipped with Siemens motor and drive control system, it is energy efficient.
3. Intelligence: It comes equipped with a series of intelligent devices including CAN bus system, 3G/GPS vehicle mounted navigation system, LED display, etc. Therefore, it can realize real-time monitoring, real time navigation, remote fault diagnosis, dispatching management, and more functions.
4. Stylish Looks: The electric bus boasts modern and stylish appearance that is aesthetically pleasing.
5. Large Capacity: Standard number of seats is 13-32. Seats in the front and right part are laterally arranged and can be folded, ensuring more space for standing in rush hours. Rated passenger capacity of the 32 seater bus is up to 60 that are same with the capacity of 10m bus.

DD6821EV Electric Bus Configurations
Bus Model DD6821EV
Drive motor Model 1PV5138-4WS24 ( Siemens )
Type 3-Phase AC motor
Rated power (kW) 85
Arrangement form Rear
Chassis Gearbox Motor with reducer (Siemens, 4.5 gear ratio)
Suspension system Air spring
Tyre specs. 245/70R19.5
Steering system Electric hydraulic steering system, integral power steering gear made in China
Service brake Pneumatic, dual circuit front and rear disc brakes
Parking brake Energy storage spring, air brake
Size (mm) L×W×H 8200×2400×3280
Wheelbase 5300
Minimum ground clearance 160
Main body configuration Door Front single-leaf and rear double-leaf sliding doors
Windows Sliding windows with aluminum frames (integral bonding window is optional)
Service facilities Optional: Electronic guideboard, get-off/reverse monitor, curtain, wheel cover, coin box, bus stop annunciator, etc.
Seats 13-32
Weight ( kg ) Maximum total mass 12500
Curb weight 8600
Others Control system Siemens
Energy storage system Lithium iron phosphate battery ( 538V 280AH )
Charging port Chinese standard DC charging socket
Air conditioning Electric ceiling mounted air conditioning (16000kcal/h)
Max. speed (km/h) ≥70

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