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Electric Bus

Huanghai, affiliated to SG Automotive Group, is one of the enterprises in China which are the earliest to develop new energy bus, and are the strongest in new and clean energy vehicles. Currently, we have made multiple types of new energy buses and attained excellent effect in actual operations. Our products include oil-electric and gas-electric parallel hybrid electric buses, series-parallel hybrid electric buses and electric buses purely powered by lithium-ion battery. They can meet varying needs of customers for new energy vehicles.

We are a one of the fastest developing battery electric vehicles manufacturer in China. Our new energy buses are proud of notable advantages including environment friendliness, high safety and reliability, and perfect energy efficiency, providing customers with various new energy power solutions.

The 6m electric mini bus is the top class work made by Huanghai after stepping into the commercial vans field. It is a high quality, safe and energy efficient electric bus developed by means of European state of the art design philosophy and product standard, superior supplier resources in the world and international top level design team.

This is our 8m electric bus which comes with a length of 8m and is fully powered by electricity. It is a green bus, delivering completely new possibilities and unprecedented advantages for any city's public transportation systems. Powered by new and clean energy, the passenger carrying vehicle will lead our city to a green future.

Here at Huanghai, as a leading new energy bus manufacturer in China wholly owned by SG Automotive Group, we offer a selection of 10m DD6109CHEV1 and 12m DD6129CHEV1 hybrid electric buses which use a diesel-electric powertrain. These hybrid buses are an excellent solution for cleaner and smarter transit in any city.

1. Traction battery and some high pressure components are installed in the independent high pressure chamber at the rear of the hybrid electric vehicle. This completely separates the high and low pressure sources, thus reducing mutual interference between them and improving maintenance convenience.
2. Double energy storage devices can meet the system's power demand as well as energy demand. As a result, battery life can be extended.

1. This series hybrid electric bus is proud of an advanced enclosed loop type integral body construction which enables it to be stronger, lighter and safer than common buses, and delivers larger passenger carrying capacity and lower energy consumption.
2. Fuels for the hybrid city bus are available in CNG and LNG. They are new energy meeting users' needs for clean combustion.

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