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DD6600EV1 Mini Bus

Here you will find specifications for a great mini bus manufactured by Huanghai-one of the fast developing bus manufacturers in China under SG Automotive Group. The DD6600EV1 mini bus is designed in accordance with the standards of European commercial vehicles, producing a fully integral, frameless and high strength energy absorption body construction. Depending on the HCB body design concept, it realizes a perfect combination of high comfort and high bearing capacity.

DD6600EV1 Mini Bus
  • DD6600EV1 Mini Bus
  • DD6600EV1 Mini Bus
  • DD6600EV1 Mini Bus
  • DD6600EV1 Mini Bus

Fitted with double airbags, three-point safety belt with pre-tightening functions and other security configurations, the passenger van enables safer driving. The mini bus is a pure electric minibus which comes with zero emission, low noise, fast starting and comfortable manipulation.

Configurations of the Mini Bus
Model DD6600EV1
Parameters Overall dimensions ( mm) 6015/2025/2820
Wheelbase ( mm) 3715
Curb weight (kg) 3100
Max. total mass (kg) 4950
Payload mass (kg) -
Max. speed ( km/h) 100
Driving range per charge (at a uniform speed, km) 200
Charging method Slow charging: Constant current charge
Fast charging: constant current, then constant voltage
Seats 15
Rear axle gear ratio (5.1)
Vehicle control unit Manufacturer Huanghai
Model ZH-VCU100
Electric motor and controller Type Permanent magnet synchronous motor
Model TM5002
Rated power/speed/torque (kW/r/min/ N.m ) 100/2300/400
Peak power/speed/torque (kW/r/min/ N.m ) 150/6000/600
Arrangement type/position Longitudinal/Front
Cooling method Water cooling
Controller model CU5012
Battery Type Lithium Nickel Cobalt Aluminum Oxide battery, or NCA
Model DSLi71.4-350.4V
Nominal voltage (V) 350.4
Rated output current (A) 204
Nominal capacity (Ah) 204
Battery capacity ( kWh ) 71.4
Appearance and Design Sliding side door
Integral side windows
White glass
Grey glass
Sliding side window with white glass (front)
Sliding side window with white glass (rear)
Sliding side window with white glass (Whole window)
Sliding side window with grey glass (front)
Sliding side window with grey glass (rear)
Sliding side window with grey glass (Whole window)
Double rear door
Central lock
Front electric window
Electric side view mirror with steering lamp
Aluminum alloy wheel rim
Iron wheel hub
Wheel cover (big)
Wheel cover (small)
2015 type front grille-chrome plating
2015 type front grille-black
Safety and anti-theft design Driver airbag
4 Wheel disc brakes
Front seats safety belts (Three point)
Rear seats safety belts (Two point)
Driver's safety belt forewarning device
Electronic Article Surveillance (SAS)
High-mounted stop lamp
Speed sensitive automatic padlock
Shutdown self-unlocking
Front fog lamp
TPMS ○ (optional when DVD is equipped)
Reverse sensor
Warning unit: Warning to pull out the keys
Warning unit: Warning to turn off the front lamps
Configurations for more comfort Front air conditioning
Rear air conditioning
Rear heating system ×
Air conditioning intake with nylon mesh filter
Air conditioning intake with pollen filter
8-direction adjustable driver seat
Remotely controlled, foldable key
Electronic clock
Knitted seats
Middle end leather seats
High end leather seats
B-pillar handrail
Right front ceiling handrail
DVD + Navigation System + Rear View Camera
Instrument board loudspeakers (right and left)
Front door loudspeakers (right and left)
Side loudspeakers (right and left)
Interior lamps (3 pieces)
Driver and co-driver door lamps
Side body PVC part
Side body decorative sheet
Interior wheel trim cover
Remote monitoring system
Battery charger installed on vehicle
Note: ● Standard Configuration ○ Optional × not provided

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