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LNG Semi Trailer

Here at Huanghai, as a leading special purpose vehicle manufacturer, we offer the optimized solution for LNG transportation. Our 56m3 LNG semi trailer is that solution made in strict accordance with existing national design norms, legislations and standards, and following the rules on fire protection, environment protection, labor safety and industrial hygiene. This self-developed cryogenic trailer comes with an outer stiffening ring design which obtained a utility model patent issued by SIPO. So far, it is also the LNG semi trailer with the largest capacity and lightest weight in China.
LNG Semi Trailer
LNG Semi Trailer

1. LNG tank on the semi trailer enjoys an optimized design. It features an outer stiffening ring structure that can enlarge tank's effective capacity. As a result, the tank has a light weight, large capacity, low evaporation rate, low heat leakage, and other advantages.
2. Pipeline arrangement and valves mounting position in the valve box are specially designed, providing high convenience for users to operate.
3. This LNG semi trailer is designed with safety relief device, shell explosion protection device and emergency shutoff device, ensuring absolute safety during transportation as well as charging and discharging process.

Optional Device: Self Liquid Supply System
The system can get liquefied natural gas from the tank and fill the gas cylinder mounted the tractor;
The system is designed for mechanical connection with the LNG transport trailer, allowing ease of installation, use and maintenance.

Technical Parameters
Name LNG Semi Trailer
Main parameters Model
Overall dimensions L×W×H (mm) 13,000×2500×3909
Cargo body inside dimensions L×W×H (mm) 12,700×2360×600
Max. total mass ( kg ) 40,000
Curb mass ( kg ) 17,980
Front/rear suspension ( mm ) 1550
Approach/departure angle ( ° ) 17
Max. allowed loading capacity ( Kg ) 220,220
Axle load weight at full load ( Kg ) 16,000 ( pin bearing ) 24,000 ( Rear axle )
Design speed ( m/h ) 60 ( straight line ) ; 20 ( turning )
Max. angle for lateral stability at full load, static state ( ° ) >23

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