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Cargo Transport Semi-trailer

The cargo transport semi-trailer is designed with the cargo body's two sides of fence structure. This kind of vehicle is mainly employed for transporting the agricultural and sideline products as well as other light cargo.

  • Cargo Transport Semi-trailer
  • Cargo Transport Semi-trailer

1. The vehicle modeling and the fence structure are designed rationally by fully considering the cargo category. On the basis of meeting the loading capacity, the cargo body weight is reduced. Featuring simple and applicable structure, and easy disassembling, the cargo transport semi-trailer can save investment cost for the user to create more profits.
2. The frame of the vehicle utilizes the space frame structure formed via welding the longitudinal beam and integral through type cross beam.
3. The adopted new suspension system has high strength and strong impact resistance. Each axle bears balanced axle load and the suspension rod angle is also designed rationally. When the vehicle travels on the bumpy road, the friction sliding distance between the tyre and the ground can be reduced to effectively debase the tyre wear. Meanwhile, the cargo transport semi-trailer is fabricated with adjustable suspension rod and wheelbase which can eliminate the phenomena of tyre uneven wear and eccentric wear.

Technical Specification
Main Technical Parameters Model DD9380CLX DD9401CLX
Overall Dimension (L×W×H) mm 13000×2500×3950 13000×2500×3450/3650/3850
Cargo Body Inside Dimension (L×W×H) mm 12850×2280/2400×600 12850×2400×600
Max. Total Mass (kg) 38000 40000
Rated Loading Capacity (kg) 30000 31800
Number of Axles Three Three
Rear Overhang (mm) 2210 2210
Departure Angle (°) 14 15
Main Assembly Mechanism and Parameters Rear Axle Form Built-in Brake Drum Axle
Service Brake Air Pressure Dual Circuit Drum Brake
Leaves Number of Leaf Spring (Front / Middle / Rear) 8/8/8 or 10/10/10 8/8/8
Tyre 11.00R20

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