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Tank Semi-trailer

The tank semi-trailer is the special vehicle for transporting large quantities of powder materials such as bulk cement. It is generally applicable to the area implementing toll by weight in strict accordance with the provisions of the state. The volume of the tank ranges from 35 to 45 cubic meters.
Tank Semi-trailer
Tank Semi-trailer
Tank Semi-trailer

The tank semi-trailer utilizes the self-contained engine power to drive the onboard air compressor via the power takeoff. Then, the compressed air is sent to the gas chamber at the lower part of the sealing tank via the pipeline to suspend the cement on the fluidized bed and make the cement become flow state. When the pressure in the tank reaches the rated value, open the discharge butterfly valve. The fluidized cement flows into the pipeline to complete the transportation.

The tank semi-trailer is manufactured from the domestic sophisticated technology. It is novel in design, and has the merits of high durability. The tank with air bag type fluidized bed has large bearing capacity, fast discharging speed and small residual quantity. The integral tank has high overall strength, good rigidity, excellent pressure bearing capacity, good character of service, etc.

Technical Specification
Main Technical Parameters Model DD5312GSL DD9400GFL DD9400GSN
Overall Dimension (L×W×H) (mm) 11990×2500×3950 13000×2500×3980 12300×2500×3980
Max. Total Mass (kg) 31000 40000 39860
Curb Mass (kg) 16900 13000 12860
Rated Loading Capacity (kg) 13905 27000 27000
Effective Volume of Tank (m³) 36.5 50 40

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