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Container Semi-trailer

Container Semi-trailer
Container Semi-trailer
Container Semi-trailer

Technical Features
1. On the basis of fully understanding and analyzing the transportation environments in different places, the frame type container semi-trailer is developed by assimilating the leading design ideas at home and abroad, and incorporating our new innovation.
2. The parts of the whole vehicle adopt the round corner design for the contour to reduce the protruding corners, adding more beauty to the appearance of the vehicle.
3. The system rod angle is designed rationally. During the frequent operating process, the instantaneous friction sliding distance between the tyre and the ground can be reduced, which can minimize the tyre wear. Meanwhile, the wheelbase can be adjusted by regulating the rod to avoid the tire uneven wear and eccentric wear effectively.
4. The axle of the container semi-trailer is supplied by the high-level manufacturer. It has strong bearing capacity and won't deform easily. Meanwhile, the ABS anti-lock braking system with the domestic and international famous brand can be mounted to the axle as requested. It can help reduce the braking distance and effectively prevent vehicle sideslip and drift caused by locked wheel in the case of emergency braking to enhance the driving security.

Technical Specification
Main Technical Parameters Model DD9370TJZG DD9371TJZG DD9371TJZG DD9400TJZG DD9401TJZG
Overall Dimension (L×W×H) (mm) 12384 ×2500 ×1560 13960 ×2500 ×1560 14630 ×2500 ×1750 12384 ×2500 ×1560 13960 ×2500 ×1560
Max. Total Mass (kg) 37480 37480 37680 39800 39800
Rated Loading Capacity (kg) 30480
Applicable Special Container Size (feet) 40 45 48 40 45

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