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Guard Board Semi-trailer

The guard board semi-trailer takes the guard board as the main part of the cargo body. It is used widely for medium and long distance transport for the medium, heavy and bulk cargo. As a result of the strong applicability, the product becomes the preferred choice for the medium and long distance freight.
Guard Board Semi-trailer
Guard Board Semi-trailer
Guard Board Semi-trailer
Guard Board Semi-trailer

Technical Features
1. The vehicle body is manufactured via the strict production process, advanced technology and using high-quality steel material. Featuring rational structure, the vehicle has nice appearance, works with reliable performance, and can be operated easily.
2. The frame of this series of guard board semi-trailer adopts the structure of penetrating the beam with the longitudinal beam of flat straight type or gooseneck type. The longitudinal beam is formed by using the automatic submerged arc welding, and the frame is processed with shot blasting. The cross beam goes through the longitudinal beam and is welded with the longitudinal beam into a whole.
3. The suspension of the vehicle utilizes the non-independent steel plate punching rigid hanging. It is fabricated from the tandem type leaf spring and the hanging support. The suspension of the guard board semi-trailer is rationally constructed to have rather strong rigidity and strength to bear load and mitigate the impact.

Technical Specification of DD9400 and DD9401
Main Technical Parameters Model DD9400 DD9401
Overall Dimension (L×W×H) (mm) 13000×2500×3950 13000×2500×2800
Cargo Body Inside Dimension (L×W×H) (mm) 12850×2280/2400×600 12820×2400×600
Max. Total Mass (kg) 39850 40000
Rated Loading Capacity (kg) 31850 32000
Number of Axles Three
Rear Overhang (mm) 2100, 2210
Departure Angle (°) 14
Main Assembly Mechanism and Parameters Rear Axle Form Built-in Brake Drum Axle
Service Brake Air Pressure Dual Circuit Drum Brake
Leaves Number of Leaf Spring (Front / Middle / Rear) 8/8/8 or 10/10/10
Tyre 11.00R20, 12.00R20
Technical Parameters of DD9350 and DD9370
Model DD9350 DD9370
Basic Parameters Overall Dimension (L×W×H) (mm) 13000×2500×2900
Cargo Body Inside Dimension (L×W×H) (mm) 12750×2280×600
Total Mass (kg) 35200 37200
Curb Mass (kg) 7200
Rated Loading Capacity (kg) 28000 30000

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