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Special Purpose Vehicle

The frame of the vehicle utilizes the space frame structure formed via welding the longitudinal beam and integral through type cross beam.
The adopted new suspension system has high strength and strong impact resistance. Each axle bears balanced axle load and the suspension rod angle is also designed rationally. When the vehicle travels on the bumpy road, the friction sliding distance between the tyre and the ground can be reduced to effectively debase the tyre wear.

With the I-shape cross section, the longitudinal beam of the vehicle is marked by high rigidity and strength.
The main loading floor of the frame is low, guaranteeing the stability of the transportation. The product is suitable for transporting various types of engineering machinery, large equipment, steel product, etc.

The tank semi-trailer is manufactured from the domestic sophisticated technology. It is novel in design, and has the merits of high durability. The tank with air bag type fluidized bed has large bearing capacity, fast discharging speed and small residual quantity. The integral tank has high overall strength, good rigidity, excellent pressure bearing capacity, good character of service, etc.

The parts of the whole vehicle adopt the round corner design for the contour to reduce the protruding corners, adding more beauty to the appearance of the vehicle.
The system rod angle is designed rationally. During the frequent operating process, the instantaneous friction sliding distance between the tyre and the ground can be reduced, which can minimize the tyre wear. Meanwhile, the wheelbase can be adjusted by regulating the rod to avoid the tire uneven wear and eccentric wear effectively.

The guard board semi-trailer takes the guard board as the main part of the cargo body. It is used widely for medium and long distance transport for the medium, heavy and bulk cargo. As a result of the strong applicability, the product becomes the preferred choice for the medium and long distance freight.

In line with the different demands of the customers, we can design and manufacture a series of custom design special vehicle involving fire truck, maintenance engineering truck, mobile medical vehicle, dinning car, etc. Those products bring benefits to the customers and promote social public good. They are worthy of choice.

The box semi-trailer is primarily applied for transporting the home appliances, textile goods, construction materials like coal and sandstone, as well as other kinds of cargo. The box of the vehicle is fabricated from high-strength cold rolled corrugated steel sheet. With no skeleton structure, it has large space for cargo. The interior is rationally distributed with X tensile brace. The box is featured by large capacity, strong bearing capacity and light self weight.

The product is comprised of chassis, hydraulic lifting mechanism, power takeoff device and the dump body. During the civil engineering, it often works together with the excavator, wheel loader, belt conveyer and other machines to form a production line for loading, transporting and unloading the earth, sand, gravel, and other bulk materials.

Our 56m3 LNG semi trailer is that solution made in strict accordance with existing national design norms, legislations and standards, and following the rules on fire protection, environment protection, labor safety and industrial hygiene. This self-developed cryogenic trailer comes with an outer stiffening ring design which obtained a utility model patent issued by SIPO. So far, it is also the LNG semi trailer with the largest capacity and lightest weight in China.

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