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Over 51 Seats Bus and Coach

    1. DD6109K63 Transit Style School Bus

      The chassis is available with front axle stabilizer bar, brake automatic adjusting arm, as well as the optional configuration including ABS, ASR, etc. In addition, by using professional software to match the overall configuration of the vehicle, and selecting the rational engine and speed ratio, the product can attain outstanding fuel economy.

    1. DD6119K 11m Tour Bus

      By utilizing our mature system matching technology, via engine control, power matching, intake and exhaust optimization as well as lightweight design, it has competitive advantages with high fuel economy and high performance price ratio.

    1. DD6119K6 11m Express Coach

      It can also adapt to the CNC and LNG gas engines. The speed variable electromagnetic clutch fan is optional for realizing engine thermal management to save energy and reduce the fuel consumption, and then to achieve maximum profit and create good economic return for the customers.

    1. DD6125B 12m Express Coach

      The sophisticated software is employed to match the power performance and fuel economy of the natural gas engine rationally. The patented engine cooling system structure design solves the problem of overheating of the engine.

    1. DD6109K6 10m Tour Bus

      Designed with concise and brilliant appearance, the DD6109K6 series 10m tour bus is fabricated by fully absorbing the design element of German MAN highway passenger vehicle and incorporating the exquisite style of the East. The high identification degree makes the product outstanding in the vast vehicle sea.

    1. DD6129K 12m Express Coach

      Meanwhile, the professional software is taken for conducting the matching calculation of the vehicle transmission system to match the vehicle operating status with the engine economic working condition, achieving optimum economy under the same configuration condition.

    1. DD6129C70 12m Express Coach

      By means of professional software and finite element analysis, the total vehicle system is optimized, ensuring excellent fuel economy. To illustrate, the fuel consumption of the express coach is 10% less than that of similar autobuses.

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