Service Philosophy
Manufacturing Huanghai high-level vehicle, and creating brand with credibility

Service Aim
Standardized and professional service with customer orientation

Accessories Guarantee
It is guaranteed that all our accessories are original. We don't operate the fake and shoddy accessories and the accessories not from the original manufacturer.

Service Commitment
1. The 24-hour service hotline and the free service hotline of 4008600303 are available.
2. Before the vehicle being put into use, our professional application engineer would carry out the field commissioning to ensure the smooth preparation for the official operation.
3. We can build the special service station close to the seat of the users according to users' requirements to enable timely service.
4. The technical support is provided at any time.
5. We are responsible for organizing and coordinating the assembly and parts suppliers.
6. Before and after the operation of the vehicle, our special application engineer or the supplier is in charge of providing the theoretical and technical training freely for the driver, maintenance personnel and relevant management personnel. The training contents comprise specification for daily use, maintenance and repair, fault diagnosis, troubleshooting, etc.

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